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City Lit (2013-2014)

Course:Professional Acting Diploma

National Academy of Dramatic Arts Silvio D’Amico; Roma (2009-2012)

Course: Acting (BA)

Guildhall School of Music and Drama; London ( July-August2010)

Course: Acting Shakespeare and Modern Theatre

Actors Centre ; London (2009)

Course: Intro to Acting

Actors’ Temple; London (2009)

Course: Introduction week: training on the Meisner Technique

Morley College; London (2009)

Course: Acting Shakespeare


Play: Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love; Character: Bernie; Author: Brad Fraser; Director: Giacomo Bisordi; Production: Barbaros

Play: Fred's Diner; Character: Greg; Author: Penelope Skinner; Director: Giacomo Bisordi; Production: Barbaros

Play: A Cat on A Hot Tin Roof;Character: Gooper; Author: T. Williams; Director; Arturo Cirillo; Production: Ipocriti / La Pergola Theatre

Play: Hell is Only a Sauna ; Character: Hermafroditus; Author: K. Brunner; Director: Valentino Villa; Production: Fabula Mundi/ ANAD

Play: Red Forest; Character: Alejandro; Yguana; War; Soldier.; Author: Nicolaj Khalezin;Director: Nicolaj Khalezin; Production: Belarus Free Theatre & Young Vic Theatre

Play: The Glass Managerie; Character: Jim; Author: T.Williams;Director: Massimo Greco; Production: Emisfero Destro Teatro & Teatro OutOff

Play: The Broken Heart; Character: Orgilus; Author: John Ford; Director: Luca Ronconi; Production: CT Santa Cristina

Play: Blitz Teatrale; Character: Reader; Author: L. Pirandello; I . Svevo; A, Checov : B.Brecht; Director: Antonietta Bello;Production: Teatro di Roma

Play: The shape of Things; Character: Phillip; Author: Neil Labute; Director: Michele Coggiola; Maurizio Pepe;Production: Michele Coggiola

Play: King Lear; Character: Kent; Author: W. Shakespeare; Director: Giacomo Bisordi; Production: ANAD

Play: Stabat Mater; Character: the boy; Author: A. Tarantino; Director: Luca Guadagnino;Production : REP

Play: The comedy of the Mad Murderers; Character: The King of Sweden; Author: G. Scabia;Directors: L. Ronconi, G. Sangati and L. Bargagna;Production: C.T. S. Cristina

Workshop on L. Pirandello’s plays directed by Luca Ronconi.

Play: The Millions of Naples; Character: The Accauntant Spasiano; Author: E. De Filippo, Director: A. Cirillo; Production: A.N.A.D.

Play: Le Nozze dei Piccoli Borghesi; Character: The lady; Author: B. Brecht; Director:  G. Bisordi; Production: A.N.A.D.

Play: We the Heroes; Character: Mr.  Tchissik; Author: J.L. Lagarce; Director: V. Villa;Production: A.N.A.D.

Play : The Bear; Character: Luka; Author: A. Checov; Director: A. Ligas; Production: A.N.A.D.

Play : L’ Ile Des Esclaves; Character: Iphicrate; Author: Marivaux; Director: A. Ligas; Production: A.N.A.D.

Play: Nina’s Variations; Character: Constantin Gavrilovich ; Author: S. Diez; Director: M. Farau; Production: A.N.A.D.


*Awarded with the “Premio SIAE” 2015 for the oroginal play “two Characters In Search for    Love”

* Awarded with the “Premio Pirandello ” 2010-2011 for the best monologue.


*Good level of Mime and Combat skills; *Good drawer, painter and playwright; *Singer, baritone-tenor 


* Accademia Nazionale D’Arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico Testimonial 


Francesco performed s brief dialogue at the end of our Summer camp in 2016, supported by AISTAP. The Video can be found at: 

A Midsummer night's dream 

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